“Grapplemage” worldmap WIP

This is a test i did that i might end up using. Im not superhappy with my colorchoices everywhere, so maybe ill have to take the color replacmenet brush for a swing later on.

this is the full game worldmap but for the demo we will focus on the Forest area only making playable levels we will allow the public to try on their mobile devices (i HIGHLY recommend pads and tabs) , and it already runs great on my S3.

Here’s a small image of how the forest area looks, and maybe also be hinting at how this game works.

grapplemage forest mock

We will have alot more to show in about 1 week, and then we will also start posting in the Unity forums:)



Long time no update! We have been busy working on a small IIOS/Android game and its coming along nicely. Had to jump through a few hoops codewise to get this thing working, so far so good.


The formula for the game is simple, and something we belive hasnt been done to death before, so fingers crossed. Its a fast paced game where good timing and understanding of gravity is a must, or u will go bold from pulling ur own hair out,trust me!


I will show some artwork and screenshots in the next post, we want to have a working demo for the first “world” before we start building the rest of the game, keywords here are “colorful”

Stay tuned!